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Human "Coronavirus"

Homeopathic Treatment

Gelsemium #1 Flu Remedy

The successes from the homeopathic treatment of the 1918 flu epidemic provides strong support for the efficacy of homeopathic medicines. People today should not be terrified of the flu, more over, we should be fearful of going to doctors who overprescribe suppressing drugs and drugs and vaccines that show that they have zero respect for their patient's wisdom.

At present, homeopaths in China, report that the symptoms of people who contract the Coronavirus point
towards the homeopathic remedy
Gelsemium, this is the first remedy of choice and Bryonia or Eupatorium perf (as second choices). It is always best to individualize homeopathic treatment to the unique symptoms of the patient.

#1 Gelsemium Sempervirens (yellow jasmine)

This remedy is usually the #1 choice for coronavirus, it is characterized by the "6-D's": drowsy, disoriented, dizzy, dopey, dumb and dull. This is a classic flu remedy! These people will have all of the symptoms above, plus feel like a truck ran over them. They have chills going up and down their spine and feel so tired they can hardly lift a finger to take something. They even ache upon moving their eyes. If this isn't enough, they're unable to fall asleep. Curiously, in spite of a fever, they have absolutely no thirst and a slow pulse! Symptoms are made worse by motion, noise, stuffy rooms and light. There can also be trembling even though the person is listless and has low stamina.This flu virus is accompanied by a headache. Gelsemium was the main remedy for the 1996-97 flu epidemic.

Besides being good for the flu, Gels. is a classic remedy for
"hearing bad news: Example, the person reacts badly if told their mammogram is positive and they possibly have cancer, she becomes paralyzed with fear and can only sit there trembling.

It is also effective for fright with trembling after
earthquakes and in cases of anticipation anxiety. With Gelsemium the anxiety starts right before the event takes place, Example: A speaking engagement.

Gelsemium is the #1 remedy for
fear of the dentist. It can also be given to your dog for fear and trembling when he has to go to the vet! It is also indicated in use for headaches, especially ones preceded by an aura of blurred vision and improved when the person passes copious amounts of urine.

Example Dose: Depending on the severity and the persons sensitivity to the remedy consider using a 30C potency.

Bryonia or Eupatorium perfoliatum (as second choices).

Bryonia Alba (Wild Hops)

This remedy is best known for its use in headaches. Bryonia is called for in headaches or other acute pain syndromes (like injuries which are worse from the slightest movement). Typically the person will want to be left alone, in the dark, with no noise—to the point they don't want to speak for fear of making their headache worse. Even opening their eyes would aggravate their headache!

Bryonia is typically used for the headache which
starts above the left eye, goes to the back of the head and then engulfs the entire skull! It is acute, piercing pain, worse at 9 p.m. The onset is gradual (unlike the sudden onset of Belladonna), and the headache feels better from local applications of heat. There is usually improvement of the pain with strong pressure or lying on the painful side as it prevents any motion of that part. The person is extremely thirsty yet has a very dry mouth; in fact all of the mucous membranes are dry.

Bryonia is useful for all
fever conditions in which we see the above symptoms (especially ones which the person does not want to move). It works well for respiratory infections beginning in the nose and going down to the chest. From there it is a super remedy for avoiding and treating pneumonia and pleurisy. The Bryonia cough is similar to that of Belladonna: a dry cough aggravated by the slightest motion, and fever with great thirst. The onset is more gradual, and the thirst is even greater, as this is one of our thirstiest remedy states. The Bryonia cough is aggravated upon entering a warm room. Motion is generally intolerable. They most always prefer to be left alone. Coughing and breathing may be very painful, with rapid, short respiration. The person may have to sit up or lay on an incline of pillows to breathe more comfortably.

Bryonia is also used in cases of constipation in which the person has no desire to defecate; when the stool finally comes, it is dry, hard, and painful.

It is also a great pain remedy for
whiplash and broken bones.

Example Dose: Depending on the severity and the persons sensitivity to the remedy consider using a 30C or 200C potency.

Eupatorium perfoliatum (Thoroughwort)

Known as 'Bone-set', from the prompt manner in which it relieves pain in the limbs and bones that accompanies some forms of febrile disease, like malaria and influenza. This is a superior flu remedy especially when the main symptom is severe pain in the bones. There is fever with bone aches, "as if the bones would break." There is also terrible stiffness of the whole body, with a bruised feeling, restlessness and intense thirst for cold water (like Aconite). Eupatorium acts principally upon the bronchial mucous membrane, here you will find a chronic loose cough and a sore chest that feels worse at night. The stool can produce cramps, be frequent, green and watery or the opposite, constipated. You will find sluggishness of all organs and functions in this remedies picture.

Example Dose:
30C potency.

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