Treatments for Horses

Healing Your Horse at Home

Using Natural Treatments

With early treatment, most acute conditions of a sick horse, can be treated and resolved at home (without drugs) and many of the serious illnesses often respond to natural treatment (when conventional medicine has failed) using the healing methods for horses found on the Herbal Medicine, Homeopathic Remedies, Flower Essences and Acupressure home treatment charts.

Herbs to the Rescue

Home Treatment Chart

Herbal treatment and dosage guide for horses.
Herbs for horses, a home treatment guide for healing equine disease.

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This herbal treatment and dosage guide makes choosing and using herbal remedies for horses simple. The home treatments chart is beautifully illustrated and packed with an extensive ailments list, making it easy to choose the right herbal remedy and dose for a horse in no time.

  • Detailed Description…

    Herbs to the Rescue for horses stresses safe and gentle herbal medicines. The remedies for horses were chosen for their effectiveness, ease of use, and have been time and experience tested in the treatment of horses.

    The herbal treatments listed on the chart focus on the three most common uses of herbs:

    • Symptomatic treatments that relieve discomfort and heal and strengthen the affected organs.
    • Cleansing treatments to detoxify and protect the affected body system.
    • Tonic treatments to nourish, fortify, strengthen and rebuild.

    Size: 9" X 11". Double sided. UV protected with heavy gauge laminate.

    Note: Herbal Remedies are not included with the purchase of the chart. Herbal medicines can easily be found at most health food stores or conveniently purchased online over the Internet.

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Homeopathy for Horses

Home Treatment Chart

Equine homeopathy, dose and potency guidelines for horses.
Learn homeopathy for horses, the safest, most non-toxic form of equine treatment.

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If you are searching for something natural that can help your horse, Homeopathy is a holistic home healthcare approach to using the most safe, non-toxic, powerful and deeply-acting form of natural medicine. This homeopathic treatment guide for horses provides detailed dosing instructions and guidance in selecting the appropriate homeopathic remedy and potency across a wide range of equine illnesses and conditions.

  • Detailed Description…

    The chart takes the mystery out of which potency to use, how often to give a remedy and the best way to administer the dose.

    The beauty of homeopathy is in how rapidly it can work in an acute crisis (sometimes within 1 or 2 doses) this can be a life saver. Another big plus is that there are no unwanted side effects to the medicines, they are safe to use on foals as well as older horses. Homeopathic remedies are very inexpensive, and can be found over the counter at most health food stores or purchased via the internet. The biggest plus, in equine care, is that there is no easier remedy to give or receive! That means, zero stress in medicating your horse.

    The treatment chart is 'double sided' and is detailed in instruction. It is a perfect source of quick information for the inexperienced as well as an in depth reference for the homeopathic veterinary professional.

    Size: 9" X 11". Double sided. UV protected with heavy gauge laminate.

  • Reviews…

    "I am so happy to have found your wonderful Pet Remedy Charts! I have been teaching homeopathy to my clients as well as workshop or conference attendees for about 20 years - your beautiful, engaging, concise and professional charts are just what I need to provide an easy entry into using homeopathic medicines for animals.

    I will continue to order your charts for all of my classes and clients and will shortly be putting them for sale thru my website.

    Thank you for all your beautiful work to help the animals with homeopathy"!
    Dee Blanco, DVM
    Santa Fe, NM

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Flower Remedies for Horses

Home Treatment Chart

Flower essence treatments for equine illness, injuries and emotional states.
Flower remedy treatments enhance other therapies and can assist the horses overall healing process!

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The Flower Essence Remedies and treatments chart is a compact, easy to use self-help guide to the practical uses of flower essence remedies and their applications and administration in equine illness, injuries and emotional states. Packed with step-by-step instructions on combining flower essences, diluting and dosing the remedies and individualized treatments for horses. View the flower remedy Treatment List for horses.

  • Detailed Description…

    Flower Essences are affordable, safe and effective, easy-to-administer liquid remedies that can be integrated into and compliment any other form of therapy.

    Beautifully illustrated and loaded with treatment strategies, this easy to use chart provides a quick reference to matching emotional states to the correct flower essence for the horse.

    Flower Remedies enhance other therapies and can greatly help to hasten and assist in the animals overall healing process!

    The chart is designed for its simplicity of use for the cat owner, yet created in depth and detail for the holistic professional.

    Size: 9" X 11". Double sided. UV protected with heavy gauge laminate.

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Acupressure Points for Horses

Home Treatment Chart

Equine Acupressure. A healing art that uses the fingers to stimulate key points on the skin.
The horse acupressure chart, enables you to locate the ailment, the points and the treatment almost instantly.

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Acupressure is an ancient healing art that uses the fingers to stimulate key points on the skin, that in turn activate the body's natural self-healing processes. With the acupressure chart for horses, it is a skill you can use now and preform anywhere to help your equine companion.

With your hands you have the potential to relieve your horses everyday aches, pains and ailments without having to always resort to giving drugs to improve their health.

  • Detailed Description…

    Acupressure builds stress resistance plus rejuvenates the body by stimulating circulation and nerve systems for improving immune function, detoxification, tension release and healing.

    The Equine Acupressure Chart is uniquely color coded and designed to enable you to locate the ailment, the acu-points and the treatment almost instantly. Done on a regular basis, this safe, effective practice can help to keep a horse healthy and well-balanced.

    Size: 9" X 11". Double sided. UV protected with heavy gauge laminate.

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Equine Bundle

4 Chart Set

Herbs, homeopathy, flower remedies and acupressure treatments for horses.

Save A Bunch!

This is a 4 Step, Home Healing System for horses that really works!

All four treatment charts comprise a compact library, made to take where ever you go. The Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Acupressure and Flower Essence therapy charts are included in this complete treatment set for horses.

  • Detailed Description…

    The charts were made to compliment each other in application. Using the charts collectively can help you to individualize a healing program, broaden your treatment strategy and speed up the healing process and recovery time.

    Professionally, the charts can be used to teach holistic workshops in natural pet healthcare. They also make a great focal point for lectures.

    Size: 9" X 11". Double sided. UV protected with heavy gauge laminate.

  • Veterinary Review

    These are fantastic! Thanks!
    Jean Hofve, DVM
    Only Natural Pet Store
    Denver, CO

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Horse Anatomy & Physiology

Equine Anatomy Chart

Learn how the horses body works, and have a better chance at preventing or treating disease.
This chart is an essential tool for referencing and learning equine anatomy.

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Explore! Have fun! Discover the wonders of Equine Design. This chart is an essential tool for referencing, teaching and learning equine anatomy at all levels. Each body system is clearly linked with that of other systems so you can quickly understand their inter-relationships.

The more you know about how the horse's body works the better chance you have at successfully preventing or treating disease.

  • Detailed Description…

    Side One:

    • The nervous system
    • The cardiovascular system
    • The endocrine system
    • The digestive system
    • The gastrointestinal system
    • The respiratory system
    • The urinary system
    • The skeletal system
    • The reproductive system

    Side Two:
    • Bones, Connective Tissue, Tendons and Ligaments
    • The Lymphatic System
    • The Vascular System
    • Special Senses - The Eye - The Ear

    Size: 9" X 11". Double sided. UV protected with heavy gauge laminate.

  • Veterinary Reviews…

    "This is a great guide to the pet inside. There is a remarkable amount of information here . . . The major organs and systems are explained both textually and visually in detail, making this an invaluable learning and teaching tool." - Mark Holtz, D.V.M.

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