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Pet Remedy Charts Client Reviews

"I am so happy to have found your wonderful Pet Remedy Charts! I have been teaching homeopathy to my clients as well as workshop or conference attendees for about 20 years - your beautiful, engaging, concise and professional charts are just what I need to provide an easy entry into using homeopathic medicines for animals.

I will continue to order your charts for all of my classes and clients and will shortly be putting them for sale thru my website.

Thank you for all your beautiful work to help the animals with homeopathy"!

Dee Blanco, DVM
Santa Fe, NM

"I just wanted to let you all know that we have been very pleased with the charts and our results from using them… We were so upset when our dog was diagnosed with arthritis!... Using the herbal remedy and acupressure charts was easy and we have seen a huge improvement in her pain and mobility".
Tiffany - NV

Both my dog’s vet and I are very impressed with your charts, which have helped me find the right remedies to help with regulating my dog’s thyroid function. Very effective. Many thanks.
Heather - Alaska

My beautiful collie has not been so comfortable in years and is once more eating normally without all the pain and bloating we have been struggling with for so long. He just seems to be so much happier and healthier and we are so pleased that we got the charts and did the treatments for Digestive Support.
Wendy - MO

My two cats are 10 and 11 years old and they have had bowel problems and bloody diarrhea sense I got them. We were always in and out of the vets office and emergency clinic. I didn't like to giving them the veterinary meds and they didn't like taking them. I bought your Homeopathy to the Rescue Cat Chart, and they respond to my treatment choice from the chart fantastically (almost immediately). I only had to give them two doses of the remedy and that was over 6 months ago! I am new to natural medicine but feel safe using the chart and it really works.
Carla - CA

I am most grateful for having learned about the pet remedy charts. I am so glad that I have learned that I don't have to subject my dogs to so many drugs. Without gaining experience using the charts, I probably would not have ever known the alternatives.

Thank you for the charts. We all love our pets so much! It’s nice to know we don’t have to load them up with drugs and vaccines anymore trying to keep them healthy.
Beth Wilenski

I recently attended the national holistic veterinary conference and also took a workshop class this year on homeopathic and herbal home treatments for pets. I purchased a set of charts for my dog at the class that covers EVERYTHING that has to do with natural healing. Super duper easy to use and I take them with me every where. They came from your company.
Liz - New Mexico

My cat is a twelve. We adopted her as a stray years ago and she had been injured. She lost her eye as a result, but has been healthy otherwise. The only problem was she would break out in hotspots once as year, and I wanted to try your charts. I've only given her the remedy from the homeopathy one, 3 times and I haven't had to use anything sense! We used to have to give her medicine for itching several times a year.
Corine - MO

“Thank you so much for making your wonderful charts. Using the homeopathy chart enabled me to cure my dog of her bladder infections. Now she can live and get back to doing what she does best, playing and barking! Again, thank you so very much!!”
Christie - UK

"Our 12 year old dog's liver enzymes were extremely high. I give my children herbal medicines and decided to do the same for Zooks. I ordered the dog charts and and followed the instructions for two of the remedies I found. I took him back to the vet about a month later. His blood tests indicated that his enzyme levels were excellent!!! The vet was really interested in what I had done. Zooks is doing great."
Nancy - Maine

“My pug has always snuffled a lot which most flat nose dogs do naturally but his was getting worse and worse especially in the mornings and the evenings when we went for our walks. I became very concerned when he was struggling to breathe and my vet diagnosed asthma! I am a firm believer of natural remedies for people and so I figured that I would try your homeopathic dog chart. I have been treating my pug with one of the suggested remedies listed on the chart and now he runs around just like he used to! Thank you so very much!”
B.W. - CO

I bought a parrot and when we brought him home he began plucking all of his feathers out. Nothing we did helped. I ordered your homeopathy chart and only had to give the remedy I chose from the chart two times and he quit! He now has all of his beautiful feathers back. I can't believe it...
Jazelda - MA

Ever since using some of the herbal remedies on your chart my dog's ear seems to have cleared up - I am so relieved as it was terrible to see him so miserable. Thanks for sending me the chart that helped me treat my dog so quickly!
Dana - Chicago

I received the homeopathic 'Helix Tosta' remedy and after applying it all signs of snails/slugs devouring my garden plants have ceased.

In particular I planted a lupin in a similar position to one that was destroyed by snails/slugs earlier this year. The replacement plant is untouched.

A friend who recommended HT to me has a large bed of Hostas in her garden. Snails/slugs normally love them but since she has applied the remedy they have been untouched.
Best wishes
Nigel - UK

These look fantastic! Thanks!
Jean Hofve, DVM
Only Natural Pet Store

Denver - CO

Jeep, our 9 year old collie is back to normal on his kidney values. He is acting like himself again running and playing with Princess our younger female lab. I give the charts the credit, their are fantastic.
Bev - FL

My Yorki Buddy is 5 years old and with the help of these Charts continues to show wonderful signs of improvement with his bouts of diarrhea and vomiting. I felt like we were drugging him to death. His diarrhea has stopped and he rarely throws up anymore. And I plan to send you his picture.

Thank you, thank you, for something that finally worked!
Margret - CA

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