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Who we are and what we do…

At Pet Remedy Charts, we believe in helping others to confidently use and better understand natural pet healthcare.

We create a line of holistic treatment and reference tools that include, Nutritional Healing, Herbal Medicine, Veterinary Homeopathy, Flower Essence Therapies, Animal Anatomy Charts, and Acupressure Charts for pets, that are in use in educational settings and homes around the world. It started with a unique design interface, and grew to create 'at a glance' reference charts covering home treatment procedures of the major holistic methods of natural healing for dogs, cats, horses, birds, pet rats and urban chickens. We are dedicated to bringing the world of natural pet healthcare to you.


Our focus is on veterinary, preventative and alternative medicine. Our goal is to make a difference in the way people view pet healthcare. Our learning tools encourage a lifelong interest in, and respect for, the holistic approach to animal wellness. We believe that people cannot take advantage of the forms of healing that they do not understand. To this end, our products present accurate, detailed information in an interesting and engaging way.


Quality. The treatment charts are made for a lifetime of use from the highest grade materials. We use UV protected heavy laminate (14 gauge), the highest quality vivid non-fade color inks and brilliant archival paper to enhance the product and the users experience. Portability. Better than books! Each of our charts is meticulously researched and is a compact library of reliable information that can be taken along where ever you go.


Forward-thinking veterinarians, schools of natural medicine, lecturers, pet owners, and students. In short, anyone with an enquiring mind, and an interest in natural healing and veterinary healthcare will use, enjoy and learn from any of the Pet Remedy Charts.


Our charts are in depth for the professional, yet are designed to be user friendly for the beginner. They can be a life saver for your pets and at the same time save you a great deal of money in veterinary bills.


Since the release of our first chart title, we've managed to fill a file cabinet with glowing testimonials. Our charts sell to organization members ranging from the Association of Holistic Veterinarians and D.V.M. and M.D. attendees of Homeopathic veterinary conferences. Pet Remedy Charts, have been recognized and are in use by holistic veterinarians, also as part of the curriculum in Schools of Natural Healing, training, boarding and riding stables, horse shows, dog daycare centers, humane societies, and kennels and most importantly, pet owners of dogs, cats, horses, birds, pet rats and urban and backyard chickens who are taking a more natural approach in their pet's wellness program.

Pet Treatment Charts Wholesale Opportunities

If you have a website store or a retail store and are interested in selling Pet Remedy Charts, treatment charts we look forward to becoming a part of your success.

Professionally, the charts can be used to teach veterinary holistic workshops in natural healthcare. They also make a great focal point for lectures. They have been used in schools of natural healing as part of their veterinary curriculum. If you are in a holistic healthcare profession and would like to become a retailer, be sure to visit our Wholesale Opportunities page.

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